We believe that only truly exceptional stallions should be used in breeding. Just because a stallion has not been gelded, does not mean that he should be a breeding stallion. A breeding stallion should possess excellent conformation, 100% natural gaits, intelligence, a gentle disposition, freedom from vices, and true beauty. We are proud to present our own breeding stallion who possesses all of those fine qualities and many more:

Golden Gambler
*No Pride or Pusher breeding*
Gambnler's Midas Touch WF

Stallion Prospects

Midas' Legend
Gambler's Legend of Jose
2015 Palomino Stallion

Sire: Gambler's Midas Touch WF
Dam: Jose's Dreamy Girl
Date of birth: 9-11-2015
Genotype: [ee Aa N/Cr]
Owned by: Westwood Farms
Location: Madison, VA

The Tennessee Stud
The Tennessee Stud WF
2015 Buckskin Stallion
*Homozygous Agouti*

Sire: Golden Gambler
Dam: Pippi White Stockings
Date of birth: 5-16-2015
Genotype: [Ee AA N/Cr]
Owned by: Westwood Farms
Location: Madison, VA


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