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Reference: Deb Davis

May 8th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Golden Gambler is a magnificent stallion. To watch him will take your breath away.  He is showy and exudes extreme confidence. His conformation is excellent and he has a beautiful natural 4 beat running walk and smooth rack, which gives his rider the ride of their life.  My husband captured the feeling by describing it as being on a glider, floating effortlessly, with incredible smoothness.  

Golden Gambler’s gentle willing disposition is remarkable. Young children and novice riders can mount him, and he instinctively recognizes his rider’s level of expertise and reacts accordingly in a gentle manner.  As my husband was riding him, Gambler seemed to immediately tune into his lack of experience, interpreting cues from a novice, while remaining very calm and relaxed.  This in turn allowed my husband to relax and stay safe. This is an exceptional quality and a sign of rare intuitiveness.

Golden Gambler is the product of impressive bloodlines. His Sire, Blue Gold, goes back to Roy Roger’s own “Trigger Jr.” (aka Allen’s Gold Zephyr), and his dam is Cindy’s Image-GH, a granddaughter of Ebony Masterpiece and Triple Threat. This combination has given Gambler the versatility of the western working bloodlines (as demonstrated to us by watching him herd cattle on his own farm), and the refinement and way of going of the old-time eastern show lines.  He is unusual for a Walking Horse in that he doesn’t have any “Pride” (Pride of Midnight H.F.) or “Pusher” (The Pusher C.G.) breeding.

Riding with Gambler on the trail is a delight. He is on the mark and doesn’t miss a beat. He displays an amazing even temperament, riding with his mares in heat, not taking a step out of line and acting as their protector.  On one trail ride, there was an instance when we came upon an area where very vicious dogs, although contained, let loose in a running frenzy up and down the owner’s fence line.  While the mares became very tense and on the verge of loosing it, Gambler maintained a steady even pace, keeping the dogs very much in his vision, but maintaining extreme calmness to set the model for his herd.  The mares began to relax, followed Gambler pass the dogs, realizing that they could get through the situation without harm.

Golden Gambler passes his excellent conformation, wonderful disposition and temperament to his foals, making them absolutely gorgeous. We should know, since we bought one of them just this spring, a handsome buckskin colt, registered as Golden Gambler’s Lad WF, exhibiting all the fine qualities of his sire.  “Laddie”, as we call him, already displays Gambler’s remarkable qualities:  His gold coloring is awesome, his head beautiful, and moving across the pasture with an incredible 4 beat running walk.  Laddie’s disposition is already very sweet, gently nuzzling my husband’s head as he kneeled down beside him. He exudes a sense of Gambler’s wonderful calmness, as he promptly settled in for a long nap, right beside us, as we sat in the stall.

Golden Gambler watches over this handsome son, and protects him as well as all of his foals. To watch him with them is amazing. He is endearing with them, and like a true parent, while taking care and protecting them, as well as their dam, he teaches them right from wrong, in a concise tempered definitive manner. One of his sons was very rough with his sister while they were playing in the pasture.  Gambler immediately separated them and began teaching him quite a lesson.  He flung the colt down on his side, stood over him, and promptly put his hoof on him.  Needless to say the colt has yet to pick on his sister in a rough manner again.

I think the most amazing inherent quality that I see in Gambler is his intelligence and intuitiveness.  He immediately knows what you are thinking and what you want from him.  He gives it to please and at the same time having fun with you.  He knows what you are thinking, making it seem that you are “one” with him.  I should know since he joyfully posed for me as I took the many photos to paint his portrait. He seemed to intuitively know my intention, looking forward to the outcome.

To me Golden Gambler is a remarkable creature to own, ride, work, sire, and to share your time with. I therefore, respectfully request, that you give Golden Gambler a very close look and you will find that this beautiful stallion is exceptional.


 Deborah M. Davis

Gambler's Golden Lad WF
2006 Buckskin Gelding
Golden Gambler x Winning Touch
Foaled 3-3-2006
Genotype: [E- A- N/Cr]


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