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Reference: Denise Coleman

September 13, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

We have selected Golden Gambler (Gambler) as our herd sire here at LaReina Ranch Walkers for so many reasons, which I would like to share with you. Before I do, let me tell you how I came to know Gambler. I was searching for Tennessee Walking horse mares for my farm. I found two very nice mares owned by Westwood Farms and decided to go and see them as possible prospects. During my week long visit there, I spent a lot of time with Gambler, the mares of Westwood Farms and Gamblerís offspring. I had the opportunity to ride and handle Gambler and his offspring as well. During this time spent at Westwood Farms, I made my decision that this was definitely the stallion I wanted to use as a herd sire in the hopes that ALL of his qualities would be passed on as they so obviously were with his offspring I was honored to meet and handle.

Most amazing to me about Gambler, was his disposition and temperament. I was able to go out into a pasture full of mares and walk up to Gambler and halter him to bring him back to the barn. He was the perfect gentleman, being very obedient and respectful. Upon return to the barn, he stood tied for my inspection of him. Gambler is so wonderful to deal with both on the ground and in the saddle that I had a hard time believing that he was actually a stallion. There were mares in the stalls and in the pasture, yet he was focused on us. I found this truly amazing.

Stephanie asked if I would like to ride him and proceeded to saddle him up. While he obediently stood for this task, I watched in awe. Once saddled, he was brought into the riding arena. I first watched Stephanie ride him around a few times. He had a perfect 4-beat gait with the stride and reach you dream of. I could not wait to climb up on him for the ride of my dreams. He was so willing to please and would follow every command. I could hear the 4-beat count as we went around the arena.

Gambler carries himself with so much dignity. He has a natural tail set that is the envy of all gaited horses. He truly has above average beauty and refinement. His beautiful neck, of proportionate length and thickness, comes gracefully out of his shoulder with a magnificent natural arch. He has the most wonderful head and face with large kind eyes, wonderfully defined jaw line and graceful ears. He is just the picture of a perfectly put together horse.

I can not tell you how impressed I was with his intelligence. You would just have to spend time with him to understand, but I assure you that his horse has a lot of sense. He is a very quick learner, and as stated earlier, is very willing to please. Gamblerís intelligence combined with his close to perfect conformation convinced me that I truly wanted to be a part of passing this Stallionís traits on to future generations.

I saw for my self his ability to pass on all of these traits with his offspring. The foals I spent time with were every bit as conformationally correct as their sire, with his same willingness to please, a kind a gentle nature and very easy on the eyes.

It is my hope and dream that my mares will produce foals sired by Gambler with all of the characteristics he has to offer. Gambler, and stallions like him, is much needed to continue to bring back the naturalism and beauty in the gaited horse.

Kind regards,

Denise Coleman
LaReina Ranch

Gambler Foals Born At LaReina Ranch

Gambler's Sweet Perfection

2006 Buckskin Mare

Dam: Threat's Sweet Pride (black)
Date of birth: 8-1-2006
Genotype: [EE Aa NCr]*
Owned by: Jan Sukrau, CA

Gamblers Golden Sovereign

2006 Palomino Gelding

Dam: Bad News Cameo (bay)
Date of birth: 7-7-2006
Genotype: [ee Aa N/Cr]*
Owned by: Maren & Henri Augero, FRANCE

Gambler's Scarlet Lady

2007 Chestnut Mare

Dam: Dixie League (chestnut)
Date of birth: 4-3-2007
Genotype: [ee A-]
Owned by: , GA

Gambler's Armed Angel
2007 Bay Mare

Dam: Angel for Keeps (chestnut)
Date of birth: 3-23-2007
Genotype: [Ee Aa]*
Owned by: Pat Coleman, GA


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